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Johnny, Ted, Kyle, John, Rob, Greg and Jack in Cleveland 2008

USPA 2012 John in action

Johnny Winiarz, Richie Kois, Greg Winiarz, Tommy Wanderlich & JG

John, Richie, Tommy, Johnny, Greg & Ted in Buffalo on Feb. 19/05

Photo by John Matyjas

At IV Stallions in Cheektowaga

Robbie, Tommy and Johnny

Rick Malkiewicz - 1956 - 2007

See you in Polka Heaven.  You will be missed by all of us.























We are your PARTY/VARIETY BAND  playing multiple musical genres that include classic R & R, Country & Western, Big Band, Swing, Cajun, Tex-Mex influences, Polka, Waltz, Cha-cha and a casserole of music in several languages.  Four Grammy Nominations.

All our music is LIVE MUSIC - not sequenced "pushbutton style"

We do provide the latest HITS & LIGHT SHOW with our DJ SERVICES that are available complimentary when you book the band or separately as DJMUSIC.CA

The John Gora Band: "Dynamic, crowd-pleasing stage performances have become a trademark of this group"

- SteveLitwin



Recording History

In 1990 the band  released their first polka CD, READY FOR TAKEOFF with a polka version of "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" becoming their first hit. The band has released an additional 6 recordings: TAKE A SPIN in 1994, DUTY FREE POLKAS in 1998 (Grammy Nominated), FOLLOW ME in 2000 (Grammy Nominated), CAN AM POLKAS in 2002, PANGORA'S BOX in 2004 (Grammy Nominated) and BULLETPROOF POLKAS in 2007 also Grammy Nominated.  In August of 2008 John and the band were recognized by the  IPA (International Polka Association and won awards for the “CD of the Year” for their recording BULLETPROOF POLKAS and IPA “ Song of the Year” for the song “Kiss of Fire”.  "Bulletproof Polkas" CD is also nominated for the JUST PLAIN FOLKS MUSIC AWARDS in Nashville, TN

On June 25, 2009 the eigth CD was released


In May of 2013 the newest release is out titled


John Gora is a member of AFM (America Federation of Musicians)   Local #293 Hamilton, Ontario and a voting member of USPA (United States Polka Association), IPA (International Polka Association), NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) and CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences).  Plus a member of Midwest Polka Association MPA. Wisconsin Polka Boosters Club and Buffalo Polka Boosters Club.

Thank you and remember that "LIVE" music is best.

John Gora by E-Mail, or (905) 336-3055, or mobile: 905-902-1345

by snail mail at:                                or in USA:

2178 Ferencich Court                        P.O. Box 196
Burlington, ON L7M 3N1                    Buffalo, NY 14225
Tel/Fax: 905-336-3055                     Cell: 905-902-1345







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