CD: CanAm Polkas
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  1. Not So Perfect World - Polka
  2. Hey Tam W Dolinie - Polka
  3. Thinking Of You - Polka
  4. Mother Dear Mother - Waltz
  5. Let's Put Love Back to Work - Polka
  6. Let's Get Going/Over My Cradle - Polka Medley
  7. Sokoly - Polka
  8. Yermazah (Instrumental) - Polka
  9. Red Apple - Oberek
  10. I Just Don't Know Anymore - Polka
  11. Love Sick - Polka
  12. Love's Gonna Live Here - Polka
  13. Night Without You - Sukiyaki - Polka
  14. Za Ebru Fala / Jasiu Jasiu - Waltz Medley
  15. Angie's - Polka

Band members are:

John Gora - leader, sax, vocals.
Johnny Winiarz - drums.
Greggy Winiarz - bass.
Rick Malkiewicz - trumpet, fiddle, vocals.
Michael Papuga- accordion.
Tom Wanderlich - concertina, clarinet, sax, and vocals.
Robert Piatkowski - trumpet

Produced by John Gora and Henry Wroblewski

Produced for: Sunshine Records

Recorded, Mixed and Engineered by: Gary Rhamy at Peppermint Recording Studios, Youngstown, Ohio.
Recording and mix engineer: Gary Rhamy

Graphic Design: Katika Integrated Communications, Mississauga, ON.




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